Kerry J. Ganofsky

CEO & Founder

Kerry is the founder of High Voltage Software. His vision has led the company through thick & thin, navigating an industry that sees more ups-and-downs than a pogo stick. From our inception in 1993 to our present position at the forefront of new and emerging platforms, he’s been the one steering the ship from safe harbor to safe harbor. In a market as volatile as video games, his skill sees him through any hardship – unless it is fantasy football, then he’s just screwed.

Eric Nofsinger

Chief Creative Officer

Eric is a carbon-based life form that science has definitively said is “probably human.” He is the creative mind behind the workings of High Voltage Software, using a combination of creative talent, networking genius, and an uncanny ability to herd the kittens – he makes certain that everything that happens on a project is top-quality, and something we’re proud to put our names on. His creativity is boundless, which is nice, because his task load is similarly boundless.

Jake Fitch

Chief Financial Officer

Jake handles the money, the business – the hard-edge, swimming-with-sharks numbers. He’s probably banned from every casino this side of the Atlantic, and runs the escrow for any in-house wagers. When you need business advice, have questions about the deeper nature of reality and the underlying universal language of numbers, Jake is your guy. We’re not entirely certain, but we’re pretty sure that Jake was the inspiration for the Ben Affleck flick, the Accountant, the likeness is uncanny.

Anthony Glueck

Chief Technology Officer

Have you seen A Beautiful Mind? Cross that with some sort of robot sent from the future to encode the answers to the ultimate questions of Life, the Universe and Everything and you’ve got Anthony. He can assess an engineering problem with the lightning fast determination of a Casio Calculator Watch. Aside from the obvious benefits to having this type of advanced brainpower on-staff, he speaks programmer. I’m told that’s not a language, per se, but I’m standing by the sentiment.